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Marketing medical devices, such as implantable cardiac or orthopedic devices, presents a unique set of challenges for manufacturers. While manufacturers can expertly expound the technical specifications of their medical devices, they often lack the savvy needed to translate that information into a strategic and comprehensive benefits analysis for marketing purposes. The buyer, whether it is a surgeon, department head, or hospital administrator, must be persuaded to choose this medical device over competitive products and must be convinced that this medical device will result in positive outcomes and improved quality of life for patients. Successful medical device marketing takes specialized experience and knowledge of the industry. Without a clear plan strategically designed for marketing medical devices, those marketing efforts will fall short of expectations.

Admirus understands the challenges of medical device marketing. Our experts have the knowledge and experience needed to develop a strategic marketing plan that meets your needs. Whether you are looking for medical device consulting services to develop targeted marketing messaging or improve the training of your sales team, a collaborative partner to augment existing marketing efforts, or a full service agency to manage all aspects o f medical device marketing, Admirus has the proficiency and resources necessary to help you achieve your marketing goals

Business Development

Business Development remains a core focus for any company wishing to spread its wings in India. However, for a foreign company without any prior experience or firsthand information about the Indian market, it can be quite daunting to seek out new avenues for business development. Admirus can help you bridge this gap by providing you with the requisite assistance not only in terms of information about markets, customers and partners but also provide trained manpower working real time on your behalf who can harness this information to your advantage to help your company’s business grow.

Sales Promotion

Effective sales promotion strategies must be dovetailed in to your overall business plan for India to build a brand that will have instant recall value. Admirus provides a whole gamut of options for you to choose from, singly or in combination- each one uniquely tailor made with the sole aim of giving such a boost to your sales that you redefine industry benchmarks.

Want to promote your brand without spending a fortune, try out our Sales Promotion Package

KOL Activation

Key Opinion Leaders are the gatekeepers when it comes to medical devices and if they don’t believe in the device’s effectiveness or if the device is difficult to use, they won’t apply it to their patients. With the rapid proliferation of healthcare across all strata of society, taking KOLs onboard in your team is now an essential prerequisite to a building a successful business. Admirus can help identify suitable KOLs and rising stars in your therapy area who can start ‘trending’ your product and in essence, act as your brand ambassadors across the board- be it at hospitals, clinics, conferences, workshops- while ensuring that they build long term relationships with your brand. Thus successful marketing of medical devices — large and small — means getting KOLs on board before targeting consumers. Consider Our KOL activation plan to know and map your customers.

Supply Chain Reorientation

Efficient logistics management that takes into account India-specific operating conditions can go a long way in reducing your operating costs. Whether you are launching a new product or trying to improve your existing supply chain, Admirus provides you a multi-dimensional approach towards building that helps you achieve the strategic advantages of Better Relationships, Better Service and Reduced Costs whilst ensuring world class quality and reliability of supply.

Managing Social Media

Social media marketing has today opened up an exciting vista of options that you can effectively use to enhance your company’s presence through the Web. Admirus provides custom-designed online marketing packages that optimally integrate various inherent features of the internet like search engine optimization, media awareness campaigns, advertising, etc to market your brand at the desired audience and thus have a wider customer reach which can sustain growth.

As a less expensive option, Social Media, uses direct mails and e-mails to drive its target audiences including KOLs to the microsite on which a virtual tour could be featured. The key is to “drive people to interact with the solutions you’re presenting.” Still worried about how to maximize your social media potential or want someone else to take care of it.... get in touch with us today.

Why choose India?

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