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Business Expansion

Successful expansion into new markets, in particular, requires a localized approach, but what people often forget is expansion can require a new company culture, list of product features, alternative marketing strategies, or even changes to the business model. Our ability to facilitate companies in achieving global success and adapting to the market is unique and is broken into five steps. We will assess where you are at in this process and help you reach your end goals and capitalize on the available opportunities that you can capture with your product.

With every engagement, we conduct a thorough market analysis to ensure your company’s successful expansion. Our assessments enable us to study market size, competition and trends while providing effective recommendations with concrete support for further proceedings. At this point, we will assess the current financing needs and the possibility of securing the needed funds.

Launching your business requires careful business strategy and product positioning, based on market analysis. To help you focus on the core of your business, we provide all-around startup support

    Before you enter a new market, you need to understand it. You need to identify how much opportunity is there and define the right time to make your move. We have built a vast network of contacts who provide us with a unique insight into market conditions, local nuances and lucrative opportunities within the global marketplace.

    Wondering how your business might fare in a new market? Contact us and we can help you to define your global potential.

    Once you have identified your new market opportunities, the first step in entering the market is raising brand awareness. Through digital technology and online marketing that process can be done before you set foot outside North America. Our combination of local knowledge and marketing expertise allow us to create unique integrated marketing strategies and provide your brand with a baseline of interest to build from.

    Check our Marketing services if you’d like to know more about raising your profile in Indian markets.

    Before you start selling any product in any market, you need to build a pipeline of potential customers. We work on a connected sales & marketing strategy that turns your online presence into a lead generation tool.

    Hoping to build a European/Indian sales pipeline? Get in touch and we can show you how.

    With your pipeline in place and your marketing efforts feeding new leads, it’s time to get boots on the ground. Investing in dedicated local sales people is one of the riskiest factors in trying to break a new market. At Admirus, we reduce that risk by providing you with a locally sourced member of our staff to sell exclusively on your behalf. They represent your brand, but don’t add to your wage bill.

    Find out how you can get your very own local sales representative

    The final phase is the establishment of a local office to tighten your grip on the new market. Admirus will facilitate the entire process, from locating office space and acquiring resources to familiarizing you with local regulations and customs, we make the transition as smooth as possible. Our goal is to turn your business into a global enterprise, the biggest step in that process is establishing that local foothold.

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