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Admirus will act as the Client’s Country Representative Office and agent facilitating the client’s business entry into India, Europe or Japan for easy operations. This will shorten the incubation period required for starting the project by the Client's. Admirus seamlessly ensures the smooth operations of the Client's into India/Europe/Japan with minimum risks, time lag and costs. Admirus as your representative shall apply for statutory and mandatory compliances related to Client’s business in India and expedite the time consuming process from the start itself.

Admirus assists the Client's to identify the potential of its product and advise on the model to be launched by Client's. It could be either franchising or joint development with another similar company. Admirus also aids clients to establish its brand by various measures to kick-start the introduction of the brand in India from media presentation and liaising with government for mandatory clearances.

Creating a presence in a new market may be something that you consider as part of your strategic plan. Admirus can assist in getting this quickly and efficiently done. Your organization may need assistance with finding an appropriate office location or address. We can help find you office space if needed or advise on Virtual Office space. Virtual offices are a great way to look local without spending a lot of money upfront. We can act as your office and agent in India until the you finds its ideal space and base here.