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Sales Promotion

Corporate Events, Seminars and Workshops

Admirus specialises in organising and managing events related to launch of products and services. We are involved in every step with the client, from the initial conceptual phase to the execution of the business plan/product launch, irrespective of the scale. At first, we make a detailed analysis of the client’s own requirements and objectives wherein a budgetary draft along with relevant improvements/ suggestions is forwarded to the client. Once the go-ahead is indicated, our team then sets about tying up with the relevant suppliers, industry reps and media; minutest details are paid attention to, to ensure that our client’s investments are returned through viable business alliances and long-term partnerships.

Conducting CMEs

Admirus can also organize CMEs or Customer Retention Programs on your behalf for a calendar year or on contract basis. This would help you harness the most out of your India operation

Multi Touch-points Customer Engagement

The key to developing a successful multi-touchpoint customer journey is understanding how your consumers use each different one. Understand each touchpoint individually so you are able to integrate them effectively. This could be your website, mobile, social media or apps. Once you have evaluated how your customers are engaging with your brand and how you would like them to continue to do so in the future, you can launch the appropriate campaign, online website, social media and offline KOL engaging services, invitation at local trade fairs etc.

Marketing Communications

When it comes to sales, who you’re talking to is as important as what you’re talking about. It’s not unusual to have five or more departments involved in the buying process, and each may have different requirements and decision-making influences. For this reason, sales and marketing professionals need to customize their messages with an experiential focus that addresses each decision-maker’s requirements. The customer experience should concisely articulate those benefits in an engaging and memorable way.

Medical Communication

Our medical communication strategies target the medical world’s decision-makers – physicians, patients, pharmacists, payers, and the public. Using peer-reviewed, comprehensive medical media, education, and marketing tools, our goal is to communicate critical medical information, tailoring messages to each audience that influences a product’s market penetration. Our expert staff uses traditional, as well as customized and state-of-the-art methods, to produce and distribute medical communication materials that speak to varying audiences. Contact us today to learn how we can help you reach, and exceed your medical communications and marketing goals.

Distributor Training
Institutional Sales