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Market Entry

Considering the uncertainty and instability associated with emerging economies like India and China and how it affects today's economic climate, the importance of analysis prior to market entry hardly needs any. At Admirus, we provide you a detailed gestalt of the market, empowering you to take well-informed decisions, besides enabling your company to identify niche opportunities and ascertain the prospects for growth. Having been an established player in this field, we possess a thorough knowledge of local markets, and would thus be best poised to identify potential hurdles, both governmental and otherwise, that can cause hindrance to your smooth entry in India and the strategies best suited to overcome them.

Market Entry In India

Our India Entry Strategy services span from Industry study, New Business Opportunity Scan, Market Size Estimation, Marketing Strategy, New Product launch, Brand Positioning, Sales and Distribution Strategy to Business Plan Development.


Market Research

For a business strategy to be a success, a clear perception of markets, possibilities, competitors and likely customers is essential.

At Admirus, we also offer a broad spectrum of market research services as part of business development support to address this very important aspect of business. Our research methodology is not only intensive but customised to the client's needs and encompasses world-class qualitative and quantitative analytics to help formulate actionable business strategies, which empower our clients to take on a clear view of the markets in terms of potential and reality, besides aiding them in taking informed strategic business decisions.

Market Assesment
Utilizing our balanced blend of scientific and market knowledge with business analytics expertise, you can get benefit from a wide range of analyses
Rapid Scan
Rapid Scan TM delivers you cutting edge information, in the form of actionable inputs, on the basis of which you can decide on the scope and scale of your India entry strategy
Survey Mini
For companies looking to conduct a rigorous market survey to arrive at statistical data or incisive feedback, direct from the customers and KOLs


Admirus is a one-stop shop providing customized and methodical medical regulatory and compliance services to cut off the lead time and to speed-up the timely launch of your products.

Registration in India
Our expertise with CDSCO and DCGI regulations will help you navigate the Indian regulatory system, achieve product registration, and access the huge Indian medical markets. Admirus will help you register your medical product in a cost-effective and timely way.
Import License in India
All pharmaceuticals imported into India must have prior approval from the DCGI. There is no registration system designed for medical devices as a class, but some medical devices now require product approval as "drugs" before being marketed.
Clinical Trial Support
Recently the govt. has legislated the requirement of clinical trial in India. At Admirus we support you through this process by helping you outsource this task. Our CT partner companies provide our clients with access to vast patient populations, excellent turnaround times and economies of India with the complete reassurance of an experienced Project Management service.
Drug Master File
Admirus will assist you in the preparation of the Technical File to meet the guidelines of CDSCO during product registration


As with just about anything, if you dont know what you are looking for, how will you know when you have found it ? Sit down with your management team and identify the most important criteria for selecting the right partner fit for your business. The most important criterion is the potential of an alliance with this target to deliver strategic value to your company. What would be the impact to your competitive position, brand awareness, market acceleration? How quickly could you get traction with this partner in the marketplace? We help you tide through this hurdle by finding you the partner of choice

Distributor Selection
DistribYOU - Your potential Distributors in India
We are the perfect interface between various foreign manufacturers and Indian distributors. We have been specialists for a long time in Pan India Distributor Selection and Import Liaison.
Business Partner Search
For your partnering needs
Are you looking for an importer/ agent/ manufacturer, a joint collaboration with an Indian company? We can introduce you to your Strategic alliances that can deliver significant benefits including reducing your time to market, providing ready markets and increasing your company valuation to name a few. We follow a rigorous process for effective alliance partner assessment and recruitment


In India, regulations and policies are formulated at both the state as well as the central (federal) level. Therefore, a business plan which amalgamates the requirements of both and takes into account the various criteria while evaluating possibilities is the only solution towards making right entry decisions. Our dedicated legal team provides consultancy on a variety of issues like the complex taxation system in India, legal requirements for licenses and legal reviews on any other issue that pertains to your company.



An integral part of your company's success in India depends on how you tackle HR issues, particularly at the local level. In consonance with our "Think Global,Act Local" motto, Admirus has always espoused the optimum use of local resources to meet your desired business goals. To help you achieve your aim, we provide extensive advisory on a variety of subjects on HR matters which include selection criteria customized to your India needs, recruitment issues, personnel management, employee retainement programme, hosted business development managers (See Business Development) and the like.

In order to meet the demands of overseas HR support, our team of qualified professionals are engaged in offering complete Human Resource support at par with the best in industry.



While most service providers in India would provide advisory regarding market entry and business strategy, very few actually take on the aspect of business growth. We at Admirus realize that for a business to succeed in the long run and sustain itself, business growth has to be planned at the start itself and must be integral to market consolidation. Partnering us would allow you to choose from various vehicles of growth available with us and can be suitably integrated with your overall India business strategy, depending upon your focus areas and requirements.

Through our systematic approach we un-cover, un-explored opportunities and help corporates accelerate their growth rate way beyond what they have achieved in the recent past and take their business to a completely new level. We understand the importance of executing the strategy on ground and hence we take responsibility of implementing the strategy with a large part of our fees linked to actual results delivered.