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Survey Mini™

Survey Mini TM has been designed by us keeping in mind the requirement of firms that would like to conduct a market survey prior entry in India but are unwilling to submit to the invariably large demands on time , money and resources that a dedicated Market Research would normally entail.

What sets Survey Mini apart from numerous other business tools in the market is the uniqueness of its design- it is the only business solution available in the market today which gives you a direct customer feedback about your product based on market actuals before you have actually launched your product.Thus, without having to invest exorbitant sums in Market Research or Sales Promotion, through this sufficiently rigorous market survey undertaken by our marketing team, you are forearmed with the knowledge of your product’s likely performance, a distinct competitive advantage that is so essential while you formulate your entry strategy, business development plans, pricing etc. The survey process would generally aim at assimilating data pertaining to your and/ or your competitor(s)’ product’s pricing, availability, reach and customer feedback but can also include any other specifics which are required by you. This product is ideally suited for small and mid-size companies who are looking for a first time foot-print in India and can be used as a single service as well as in combination with others.