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Rapid Scan™

Before any company plans to foray in to the Indian market, the first question it must ask is “Are we going to make money here?” To ensure a healthy Return on Investment, which can often run to the tune of millions of dollars, it is essential to first know exactly the market attractiveness of your product.

Rapid Scan has been specifically designed to assess and substantiate the market potential of your product in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Quite akin to a virus scan done on your PC to check its health, Rapid Scan aims to address quickly the various pain points that you are likely to experience during market entry in India. Some of the questions that we are routinely asked by our clients looking to launch products in India typically pertain to the business potential of their product, the appropriateness of their pricing strategy, the strengths and weaknesses of likely competition, obstacles to smooth entry and often, how to implement a strategy that serves as a path for other businesses/ products to follow and build up on.

Rapid Scan™ is the answer to all your India Entry questions. The components of this service invariably include the following aspects but are not limited to them:-

  • Market Assessment for your product with respect to India
  • Sizing up of Market in terms of prospective sales volumes, buyers or orders
  • Recognition of likely barriers on technical, competitive or regulatory fronts and their Solutions
  • Business Development in initial stages to substantiate your product’s value offerings in the India market and costing strategy
  • Identification of suitable partner(s) and capable clients
  • Recommendations for Market Entry strategy to build your case for India investment

The information listed above is made available to you only after intense and stringent analysis of data by our marketing and analytics teams. The USP of this product is that you can avail it as a single service as well as a part of a whole package- in either case, the information is made available to you within a very specific and short time-frame, mostly within a fortnight of placing the order.