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Would you like to meet potential business partners and distributors who could import your products and sell in India?
Are you confident of your selected distributor’s performance ?
Is your arrangement with your distributor fair, transparent and cost effective to
you ?

Distributor Search and Selection is the flagship product of Admirus. Over the years, we have built a strong network of distributors and importers pan India; today, there is no field in the healthcare industry where we do not have a choice of select distributors, catering to every section of the spectrum- starting from disposables and drugs to the latest CT scan machines and hospital beds.

Distributor Selection And You

There are obvious challenges of finding international distributors. Foreign languages, different cultures and vastly time zones all present obstacles to conducting business efficiently. There are also time consuming challenges in the distributor selection process such as identifying and contacting distributors that match your requirements, thoroughly screening and interviewing these distributors, and conducting proper follow up.

Out of the many services we provide, our flagship service for Distributor Search is DistribYou™. Admirus prides itself on its ability to be the perfect interface between various foreign manufacturers and Indian distributors. We have been specialists for a long time in Pan India Distributor Selection and Import Liaison.

Admirus offers a dedicated and convenient outsourcing solution for identifying, selecting, and managing qualified distributors in Indian market. Our team of specialists offers you:


  • 100% dedication to the medical devices industry
  • In-depth knowledge of the Indian market, customs and business culture
  • Full service assistance with regulatory and quality assurance compliance issues
  • Multilingual capabilities
  • Extensive experience in international business development
  • Access to multi-disciplinary contacts (taxation, legal, logistics, real estate, etc.)

Our Unique approach in establishing a Product distribution network Admirus’s approach to identifying and evaluating distributors maximizes the selection of the best possible partners for you. During the selection process we evaluate a distributor’s:


  • Experience with other products in your specialty
  • Proven access to the required customer base to sell your products to.
  • Reputation in the industry
  • Level of excitement about your product
  • Extensive experience in international business development
  • Plan to promote your products

In conducting our analysis, we focus on proven expertise and demonstrable results.

We take care of the full process to facilitate your meeting potential business partners and importers in India.