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Data Analytics And Forecasting

Data Analytics :

Admirus also provides Data Analytics services to its clients, which mainly involves analysis with paid data base sources such as, IMS, CAM, Evaluate Pharma, Synovate, Kantar Health etc. (provided by client).

Data Analytics services include: numeric calculation of market size (by sales, prescription), top products/molecules, top drug classes, top players, their market share and growth (CAGR), Rx by speciality, patient share by molecules/drug classes, incidence/prevalence numbers by indication etc.

AdmirusData Analytics Services can help our clients meetthe following business needs:
  • To determine the current and expected market size and targeted market share of a brand in a therapy area across various geographies of interest
  • Analysis and inference from the paid data bases
  • Sales trends of drugs and regimens across lines of therapy in different markets
  • To align and standardize the market definitions (ATC and ICD10 codes) for all the products and track key performance indicators (KPIs) for different brands across various therapeutic areas, countries, and regions of the company’s participation
  • To track and monitor the performance of competitor products
  • To analyse the current standing of own productsin the target market
  • To provide a brief outlook on which therapy areas are exceeding or lagging behind target; analysis in terms of monthly, quarterly and yearly reports
  • To evaluate the market situation by analysing sales and prescription data bases for different therapy areas
  • To determine market attractiveness in terms of sales, prescriptions and patient burden
Forecasting :

Forecasting services are required to estimate the future market in terms of treated patient pool (Epidemiology based forecasting) and sales figures (Market/Sales based forecasting).

Forecasting Models: Admirus provides two customised forecasting models namely Epidemiology Based Model and Market/Sales Based Model.

These forecasting models can be utilised for the following business needs of our clients:
  • To estimate the target patient pool for the inline and/or pipeline products of interest
  • To estimate the sales and prescription shares of the products in the short and long term future
  • To calculate the highest achievable market share (peak share), uptake curve and time to achieve the peak (Tmax) of the products
  • The evaluate the near and long term pricing scenario
  • Analogue analysis, attribute analysis, NPV analysis and forecast updates
  • Trend evaluation for prescription share and patient share; time series analysis
  • To develop a patient and revenue forecast for a particular product to support its deal valuation (business development and licensing forecast)
  • To commercially support a go-no go decision on further clinical development of a product
  • Identification of potential future events with their impact on current market scenarios (e.g. impact of generic erosion, new product launch within same class/MoA etc.)