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Market Assessment

In order to evaluate the attractiveness of your target market, you need to stay up-to-date about the disease/therapy area of interest, its treatment landscape, upcoming/emerging therapies, clinical trials, target patient pool (Epidemiology), unmet medical needs and other market dynamics.

Advantages from Admirus Market Assessment Portfolio:

Utilizing our balanced blend of scientific and market knowledge with business analytics expertise, you can get benefit from the following types of analyses:

  • Disease Overview: Know-how of disease, its classification/stages, causes, symptoms, risk factors, pathophysiology, diagnosis etc. 
  • Treatment Landscape: Treatment guidelines, treatment algorithms, current treatment options, SOC, detailed profiling of the approved products
  • Patient Segmentation and Specific Treatments: Are there currently any specific treatment for some specific patient pool
  • Pipeline Assessment: Identifying and tracking the emerging therapies/molecules in clinical development (from Phase I through Phase III) for indication of interest; Evaluating their potential; Probability of regulatory and clinical success; Clinical trial analysis, benchmarking and roadmap; Pivot trial analysis and learning from failed trials; Upcoming product launches
  • Clinical Trial Analysis: To capture and profile all the relevant trials of the pipeline products; Trial end-point analysis
  • Trial Map Designing: A pictorial presentation of the start date and expected end date for all the pipeline molecules, with information on phase, sub-indication, enrolment and recruitment status
  • MoA Analysis: Identifying emerging mechanism of action and pathways for new product development
  • Unmet Need Evaluation: Prevailing unmet needs that can be targeted
  • Commercialization / Market Attractiveness Assessment:Competitor and portfolio analysis (Marketed products and companies); Scenario planning;Message recall assessment;Conference coverage; Discussion forum analysis;Commercial opportunities evaluation
  • Epidemiology Analysis:Estimation of target market size in terms of patients;Derivation of incidence, prevalence, drug treated patient pool, survival rate, mortality, etc. for different indications by geographiesof interest
  • Patent Analysis/ Generic Competition Analysis: Tracking patent expiry timelines of the blockbuster drugs, generic entries and generic erosion in various therapeutic markets
  • Market Entry Opportunity Analysis: Identifying the potential and order of entry for your key products into various geographies/countries of interest (based on the demographics, healthcare infrastructure and regulations, healthcare expenditure, patient population, compliance rate, etc. in those countries)
  • Business Development and Licensing Opportunity Assessments: Identifying in-licensing and out-licensing opportunities and the size of those opportunities; Evaluating partners of choice for strategic business agreements/deals