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Who We Are

As a medical devices marketing and distribution company from Mumbai, we are at the heart of the change that is sweeping across the Indian healthcare market.


Admirus was founded with the intent to bridge the gap between global innovations and underserved Indian healthcare ecosystem. Admirus is committed to enable high quality medical devices reach inaccessible zones. This has been made possible due to our strong partnerships with an entrenched network of healthcare providers and point of contact care givers and patients.

Our young and dynamic team has a balanced blend of scientific and market knowledge coupled with business analytics and marketing expertise. Since its establishment in 2011, Admirus has been the business partner to both domestic and foreign companies to register, import, launch, distribute and promote healthcare products to drive their sales for profitable and accelerated revenue generation.

During this era of transition from Local to Glocal market- one local marketplace meeting every global need, transcending barriers of culture, country or currency- Admirus, with its in-depth knowledge and understanding of local business conditions, nuances and culture, is uniquely positioned to assist the enterprises to establish their brand footstep beyond geographical boundaries.


Our team comprises of a vigorous mix of old and new: management honchos with decades of experience working in tandem with young sparks who are consistently challenging established methodology to innovate and evolve new ones. Our professional expertise coupled with our strong base of ethics makes us an organization that our clients love to partner with.

Meet us and you will not want to look anywhere else.


  • At Admirus, we believe in making our partner’s foray into a particular geography permanently sustainable and profitable by devising effectual and winning business strategies

  • Our strong field knowledge, highly entrenched network at the highest levels of government and associated industry, coupled with our understanding of local conditions of both the Indian and international markets, let our clients piggy-back to greater and successful market penetration

  • Admirus meets every need of a manufacturer wanting to export to India: from licensing to importing, regulatory to distribution, we have it all covered. Our multi-pronged approach which includes hardcore and targeted marketing, market research, business analytics and business development, to name just a few, under one single window, provides our partners the ease of dealing with a single point of contact for all their queries and challenges

  • While being cost-effective, we retain our strong qualities of constant improvisation, innovation and timeliness

  • We boast of a highly experienced talent pool- hired from top management institutes with specific and vast industry experience

  • We have proven capabilities in successful product registration and launch in India


  • The Client is the reason for our being - We succeed when our Client succeeds

  • Implement strategies to enable our Clients to become Market Leaders by gaining sizeable Market Share through efficient and ethical Business Practices

  • Provide innovative and cost-friendly solutions that makes us the preferred Partner of Choice for conducting and expanding Business

  • Work with integrity and transparency while maintaining highest standards of Professionalism and Quality

  • Become the ``Numero Uno`` for Market Entry in India


  • To create innovative solutions for medical device companies and devise models customized to our client's needs that effectively rule out the failures arising out of socio-economic differences, inter cultural barriers, varying regulatory prerequisites and the unique features specific to a demography while providing dedicated support throughout their journey in establishing a permanent foothold in the business landscape

  • To formulate winning business strategies by focusing on the dynamics particular to every country, optimizing available resources to gain sizable market share, thereby increasing brand presence and generating revenues

  • To constantly upgrade our methodology and processes in research and analytics using the latest tools available in technology and management to stay ahead in our core competence of market research

  • To become the ultimate repository of knowledge on regulatory compliances and disseminate the information with transparency to prevent exploitation of our clients by unscrupulous elements


To Build enduring partnerships that foster mutual growth, inculcate a culture of dedicated support where our customers feel valued, create innovative models that overcome limitations and optimize resources and, set benchmarks at efficiency and excellence by making the process of “Doing Business” simple and affordable.