• 01

    Searching and Collecting the contacts of potential distributor within your specialty or field of interest from our internal database, industry contacts and secondary desk research.
  • 02

    Initial Interview will remove the unwanted distributor and narrow down the list to identify potential distributors of interest
  • 03

    Admirus will meet the distributors in person, inspecting their warehouse/office, and conducting a thorough research and credibility check (reputation, market standing, field sales strength, investing capacity, HT review, Balance Sheet) - selecting the most eligible and potential distributors
  • 04

    Our client or client’s represtatives will be requested to visit india and interview the selected distributors from step 3 Alternatively telecon or skype interview can be arranged by Admirus Admirus will also provide all the details pertaining to these distributors in a Distributors’s Company Profile format to help make the right choice
  • 05

    Once the meeting are over, we discuss the statistics with you and then together we rate all the distribution based on the aforementioned Distributors Admirus analytics team will rank the distributors using an unique grading and ranking system Based on these ratings Distributors are selected
  • 06

    Finally Admirus will help you with The Agreement signing, negotiating and setting up target which will be mutually accepted b the distributor